Friday, September 7, 2007

peas please!

Hello again folks. Yup, it has been a little while - a whirlwind week so to speak, but here I am, safely ensconced at Lake Lacuna on the Lacuna Sabbath. I LOVE not working on Fridays!
Carve up from safety of Lacuna Sabbath - I love my new job!

So, there has been no time for blogging - I am sure I have HEAPS to catch up on what everyone else has been up to, and I am BEHIND!

Last weekend I got to work on the new farm, planting 14.4 meters of peas - this translates to 2 rows of telephone peas, one row of snow peas and one row of sugar snaps. Here is a little picki.

After a sleep in this morning, I rode up to see if anyone had popped out their little heads yet, but no luck. There is still no sign of the broad beans either. I think it has just been too cold.
I also planted onion seedlings and they are settling in too. So much SPACE!!!!!
It is raining now (hooray!) which should help to speed up my little peas a bit.

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sherd said...

Yay we missed you!

Hooray for fluoro clothing! Talk soon x