Saturday, September 22, 2007

almost spring

Well folks, many of your are teasing me with outrageous tales of tomato seedlings and asparagus. Spring comes slowly shnuggled up here next to the mountains. We have had lots of frosts this week, and there is still a definite chill in the air.

Folks in ONC know not to even bother putting their tomatoes in until after the Melbourne Cup unless you are prepared to coddle and cover them every night.

But even so - there are definite signs of spring.

Above is a little pici of the Red Shatoot Mulberry. hmmmmmm mmmmmmm! just FRAUGHT with potential and promise of a bumper crop.

And if you look REALLY closely, just there, under the Rhubarb leaf - is out very first spear of Asparagus from the new 2 yer old crowns we splurged on with a gift voucher from the local nursery. ....sigh..... I have been LECTURED at great length by Mr Pickle that I must only LOOK and not TOUCH and certainly not TASTE my lovely asparagus spears until NEXT YEAR!
Sheesh. Bit rough I reckon.

As here are some more "fraught with potential" shots of newly planted seed trays in the glass house - lets see, I planted broccoli, silver beet, onions and probably quite recklessly optimistically - BRANDY WINE TOMATOES. There are some other things as well, but I couldn't find the texta, so didn't make any labels, and now it is too late - I have totally forgotten what I planted where. Not to worry - a surprise is lovely too!

And here is the nest that Amelia is making - I have let her keep the last weeks worth of eggs, and hopefully she will sit soon.

And here is Jenni's little clutch of 11 hopefully Jenni/Maurice cross eggs!

And here is a little bit of naughty duck action. There's Amelia - contemplating another raid on the fluffy's dinner, and here is Miriam - attacking my fingers.
Well thats it folks. I will continue to watch your respective springs from behind!


m said...

Go the brandywine .!! these are my favourite tomato ..big meaty tomato heat loving ..i find the hotter the better (obviously addd water ).
nice blog ..I visit but havent left a comment until now

The Duck Herder said...

hee hee - another Brandywine convert - they have been talked up BIG, so I expect great things ok! To date my favourite has been grosse lisse (or gross lizzies as they are refered to around here!) But there is more than enough tomatoe love to go around.

Thank you for visiting sweetpea. I hope you get some rain soon, although I know it is too late for many of the wheat and canola crops on the SWS. :o(

Rhonda Jean said...

duckie, the grosse lisses will fade in your memory when you first bite into a brandywine. ; )