Friday, September 21, 2007

Lacuna Sabbath

Well, here we are again at the Lacuna Sabbath end of the week. Hooray!

Despite the high levels of neglect over the past week, I popped up to the new farm yesterday to find lots of little pea seedlings sticking up their little heads. Looks like the peas, snow peas AND sugar snaps have all germinated. The tiny onion seedlings have taken well, and are even growing new leaves - if you can call onion leaves "leaves" that is. The comfrey has sprouted and the leeks are doing well too. Even the broad beans have popped up, although they are going to have to get a wriggle on to compete with the pattersons curse that has re sprouted.

I need to organise an automatic watering system in the next couple of months, but while it is still cool, things should be OK. So far, the sawdust based soil seems to be holding up OK. It is a new and weird experience working in this loose, dry soil - so different from the rich black wormy stuff that I have created at the community garden. I am sure that in a few years time new farm will be just as rich, productive and familiar.

As for closing down the old farm (community garden plot) - I might have a buyer for the chook run I made down there. I am looking forward to transplanting Bianca, Charlotte and Gretel home to the backyard. Another of the big things to do here is to cut out a wattle tree along the fence so that there is enough room for their deluxe chook run.

Lucky Maurice - three new lady friends! Even if they are the wrong breed.

Speaking of Maurice - I am SURE I caught him giving it a very good go in the bushes with Jenni earlier in the week. You would all be so impressed - he was quick, gentle and proficient - didn't make a big fuss - no violence and no crowing about it after. I love watching Maurice grow into his role of patriarch and protector of the ladies and their little ones.

Jenni now has 9 eggs in the nest. I suspect she will only lay a few more before she decides to sit. Its all happening here in fluffy chicken land folks!

And now for a Nashi update - after a bit of research on the internets I suspect that rather than frost damage, Hosui and Kosui have budjump. Most of the flowers seem to loose their petals before they even open, and inside each flower is sort of sparse and crumpled. Hosui has a couple of flowers that look half decent, and Kosui has quite a few, so this morning I might take a little makeup brush out there and try and cross pollinate a few. I haven't noticed any bees in the back yard yet, so reckon that if I want any nashis then I have better take matters into my own hands! That's the other thing I have noticed about new farm - there are ZILLIONS of bees buzzing around all the flowering rocket, kale, cabbages and broccoli. But I have not seed any here in the backyard - so makeup brush it is!

Anyhooo, Happy Lacuna Sabbath to you all.

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