Friday, September 7, 2007

energy conservation

There are many ways to save energy and reduce consumption, and I reckon that Poppet has it sorted. The answer of course, is to sleep 21 hours a day. Could this be true? The camera never lies.

A day in the life of Poppet




5:26pm - quick break for dinner




Scarecrow said...

LOL How true!
Poppet reminds me of my 'Black Ninja'

The Duck Herder said...

Hi Scarecrow - I have often thought Poppet and Black Ninja looked and behaved quite similarly!

When we first bought Poppet home from the RSPCA she was lean like B.N., but as she gained confidence, she became quite a fatty! We are now the proud owners of an obese cat. When we first put her on a diet (by order of the vet), she complained bitterly and then caught and ate an average of 5 mice a day to make up for the calorie deficite!

We think she is an emotional eater. :o) Pls pass on my regards to the black ninja!