Thursday, July 5, 2012

we eat weeds

OK, So, we are still worshiping at the altar of green smoothies. Between the raised garden beds and the green house we have a pretty constant supply of lovely greens for smoothies and salads.

Two "weeds" that used to be problems in one of the raised garden beds are nettles and what I now know is CHICKWEED. Regular viewers will know that I have a long term love affair going on with COOKED nettles, so imagine how excited I got when I read somewhere that they go just fine in smoothies and that somehow magically whizzing them up gets rid of the stingyness. (where does it go?)

After a few cautious trials I can happily confirm this to be TRUE.

But onto the CHICKWEED. In winter, my raised garden bets get sozzled in THIS which I pull out and toss to the ducks who much it down happily (I should have known).

Turns out it is CHICKWEED. Which is also, it turns out, perfect for green smoothies.

So this morning's concoction was:

Chia Seeds

And from the garden, freshly picked:

Corn Salad
Baby Spinach

Yum yum.


dixiebelle said...

Like the new look, though it is probably not new, but I've been vacationing away from blogland for a little while... anyways, I have just had an 'a-ha' moment crossed with a 'der' moment. I too, it seems, have chickweed (was just throwing weeds to the chooks actually, and I am pretty sure one of the prevalent ones from my raised beds is chickweed)... and just yesterday I threw chickweed seeds into an area where the chook run will go come Summer. Oh, dear. I bought chickweed seed ages ago, thinking how clever I was to plan to grow greens for the chooks I planned to have! Never grew it. Intentionally.

Do you steam the greens before smoothie-ing them?

The Duck Herder said...

Hi dixiebelle! I hope that you are well and all that. Yup,I thought a new look might help me to get my mojo back...I think it is working!

I know, the chickweed thing is so funny. With the smoothies - the whole lot just goes straight into the blender. All raw n stuff. Its just so easy and my little body just loves all those healthy greens......

Marla said...

I recently bought a juicer so I could begin my journey to a healthier life. I bet I will actually use it. Someday.