Sunday, July 8, 2012

everyone loves kiwi fruit

Enough already with the ranting. (sorry about that)

 We are on the last few buckets of this years kiwi fruit. I know I do go on about how perfect these vines are for ONCian regions......BUT THEY ARE! What else gives you fresh beautiful fruit in the DEAD of winter. Kiwi fruit are BEST when they are left on the vine until late June or July.  Of course, by this stage, EVERYONE in the neighborhood is after them.

Luckily bread trumps kiwi fruit, so it is easy enough to cajole the possums onto bread. But there was such a big crop this year there has been more than enough for everyone.

Mostly we just eat these fresh - tones of them every day. They also feature heavily in the daily green smoothie affair. AND this year I am trying them in my very first batch of kiwi hooch melomel. Yessiree folks. Its time for some more WILD FERMENTATION.We are still working our way merrily through bottle after bottle of cherry melomel (locally known as "cherry sherry") , sparkling wild plum melomel and um, I think that's it.) How on earth could sparkly kiwi stuff not work?

Above you can see 20 odd liters of water, honey and mushed up kiwis. Will keep you posted.


Queen of the Tea Cosies said...

Oh you took the 'ranting' down. Good on you. Not because you shouldn't rant, of course you should, but because when we rant in riting (writing) and we read that rant again, we remember how we felt and we feel it all over again. And well that can be exhausting. A rant should be spent and then lost to the ether - just as you have done.

But then I liked your rant. It reminded me how much I loved my feet!


dixiebelle said...

Good for ONCers you say, hmmm, I do love a fresh, tarty, sweet kiwi fruit! Now where can I put such a delightful vine? I am about to have some star pickets & trellis come to hand... must go research where they like to be the best!

Marla said...

Oh, I just love your possums! They are so different looking from Okie possums. I am pretty sure they would all eat my face off regardless.

Jacqui said...

Cherry Sherry!! LOL - I love reading about your wild hooch Ducks. I've been somewhat absent from blogland but love to come by and see your posts. x