Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Money Diet Debt Challenge

OK. SO. I am feeling very inspired after hanging around at Adam Baker's Man VS Debt website In consultation with Mr Duck I am back on the money diet and WE have set ourselves a challenge to pay $20,000 in extra payments off the princess castle mortgage by the end of the calendar year.

Actually my goal is to pay off our house mortgage as soon as possible, but it makes sense to start off slowly and break it down into little achievable chunks. I think we owe just under $200,000. Not a lot by average standards, but WOW, wouldn't it feel great if it was a big FAT ZERO and we completely owned our happy home. Happy Christmas to US.

Those of you with a less irrepressible approach to high cash flow would already KNOW that there are two ways to make money......earn MORE and spend LESS. Usually I just focus on the first, but this time I am gunna focus on the second just as much if not more.

Here is Adam's TED x talk here.

My bible on the journey if Rhonda's DOWN TO EARTH book. I love this book so much.

Land of NO DEBT

Bring it on. 

Yours in BIG LOVE

3 comments: said...

Hooray! Looking forward to seeing how it goes! I am using my *ahem* break *ahem* to declutter and sell things on eBay. It's been good. People will buy the most random things! For actual money!

Except I made the Architect sad when I sold some (ugly) whiskey glasses of his for $1. Plus postage! He thought that they would sell for like a million dollars and he could retire.

Expectations, honey, expectations, I said.

Anyway. Yay you and yay owning the princess castle outright. Love it.

The Duck Herder said...

oh YAY, I forgot that you are currently enjoying a long hard earned BREAK from the hard stuff. HOORAY!!!!!!!!

Freakin awesome.

Poor Architect. Doesn't he realise a whiskey glass is only worth the value of the whiskey it is currently holding...? or gin......

have fun with the declutter!

Marla said...

Wow....the timing of me reading this is perfect. We are rethinking life big time right now.