Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Apron Swap

We return now to regular broadcasting.........

Remember the apron swap? Well, in the end, I was super happy with my sewing achievements. This gorgeous thing safely made its way to Eileen in California. HOW COOL IS THAT!

I found the most beautiful 1920's reproduction apron pattern. Fellow ONCians, if you are interested, I am happy for you to trace your own version from mine, It is so lovely lovely lovely.

Looking at these photos taken by Mr Duck just before I posted it off, I realize how much linear time has slipped by....that would be a T-SHIRT I am wearing, and those would be bright green leaves on the Kiwi Vine....which are still green, but with crunchy frosted bits on top and masses of ripening kiwis.......

So. I declare I can SEW. kinda. If you don't look too closely.......

AND, no photos yet, but I did receive the most gorgeous lovely apron from Eileen in return.

I love a good global swapping project!


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