Saturday, May 26, 2012

lives of quiet desparation

Hey internets. Its only 8:00am and already I have been moved to tears by three lovely things. How cool is life! How lovely is it to be ALIVE?!

Some of you may not be aware that earlier this year I did a very cool thing. (just as cool as green smoothies)

I gave up STRESS.

Yup. Just gave it up. Don't need it any more.

Since then, I have noticed (from my serene sea of calm) that people I LOVE LOVE LOVE catch and hold on to stress so so much and this makes my heart so sad. I notice the bad habits that I used to be very GOOD AT and COMMITTED TO being played out in my lovelies.....something happens at work, our staff do something stupid/dumb/mean/silly/REALLY STUPID, and somehow that becomes OUR problem, and we get STRESSED and distressed about things that really have nothing to do with us, and really, while we may be able to influence them/it/the situation, it really isnt something that we can change or fix (we can not actually stop stupid people from being stupid) and it doesn't actually need to affect US PERSONALLY and cause us distress......and headaches, and tight necks and force us to eat timtams and all the rest.

We CHOOSE to take things personally and get stressed about things.

Anyhoo, I choose LIFE!

My dear friend Sherdie who I suspect is also on the verge of giving up stress blogged about this:

Have you seen the Should I Quit Test? A free 5-min test to see if you should leave your job.

I scored 28 on a scale of 130 where 130 means you REALLY NEED TO QUIT YOUR JOB NOW. So I think this is a good sign I am kinda on the right track.

Other lovely things that happened today is that I became a kickstarter backer. I backed this film which means I am now a movie investor!

You might like to watch the short. It made me weep in a nice way. I think it is an important message.

Now what was the other lovely thing....

Oh, thats right....I am a big fan of the whole hungryforchange phenomenon, and this morning in my inbox there was this nice link to a clip about John Gabriel's book about weightloss. 

Now I know I am someone who does not struggle with weighty issues, but I have friends that do and I think the whole hungry for change and john gabriel stuff is really really important.

Somehow, giving up stress, choosing LIFE, drinking green smoothies every day, spreading the word that its OK not to live a life of quiet desperation, giving yourself permission to quit your stupid job and start following your hearts desires and growing the things you want more of in your life, and loving your body and finding what it needs to feel safe and not be porky and being kind to our selves and each other and backing a project financially that I think deserves to happen which is also rewarding the project team for following THEIR dreams all on a Saturday morning before my greensmoothie points to a lovely Saturday methinks.

big love everyone


alysonhill said...

With your usual magical intuition you're written something that goes straight to the heart of where I am at the mo' Ducky! Clever girl xxx

alysonhill said...

With your magical intuition you have once again struck at the core of where I am in my head - great food for thought Ducky, you clever lady! xx

alysonhill said...

Sorry- I've forgotten how to do this again, too long lurking :)

sherdie said...

You are the loveliest! Can't wait to catch up in person and absorb your serene vibes. I am ][ this close to giving up stress. It's wonderful. And you are an inspiration.