Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Things are happening!

 Firstly, WELCOME Angel Peach flowers. Welcome.

And it is not just the Angel peach - everyone is getting into the act. Here we have the Duck Central orchard - well, part of it anyway. Like I always say, if you want a food forest, you don't need a lot of space, just a lot of trees! Just out of shot is a nectarine, three pears, then two flat peaches, then a peachcot, then another Angel peach, then an apricot, and then Mr Bacon.


So how IS Mr Bacon going? Well, lets just say that -8 frost was a little traumatic for him, but he is going to be OK! 

And look - we have wolf peach lift off. Ever since I found out that lycopersicum meant "wolf peach", I love them even more. Actually those front trays are eggplants....but anyway, this year I am growing:

  • Marzano
  • Black Russian
  • Black Krim
  • Wapsipicon Peach

  •  Siberian
  • Roma

Plus a few others from the Burkes Backyard winter tomato packet.

On the eggplant scence we have prosperosa and lunga - both from the Italian Gardener.
And in the capsicum department we have little topepo and  cherry time. These are both small, red, sweet ones that only get to about 5 cm.....which might work better in our short summer.

Down at the community garden I have something special - this is an elephant garlic that was given to me by my gardening buddy Anthony. It came from his nanna - Elizabeth Tibbet. She bought it with her when she moved to Australia from England many decades ago, and it has been divided every year and grown continuously since then. And now it is mine too!

Here is the rest of the garlic - this is all Glenlarge.

I like spring.


dixiebelle said...

I like Spring too!

The Professor's Wife said...

Beautiful flowers on that peach tree! We are soon entering fall in sunny San Diego - time for fall gardening (garlic, squash, carrots, lettuce).

Dmarie said...

here in western Kentucky, we're headed into fall. is it weird for me to be nostalgic for spring already? ;) (LOVE that you planted so many fruit trees. I aspire to have just as many one day!)

alison@thisbloominglife said...

It's mighty hard to stay inside isn't it? I find myself wandering around and examining every plant for the new growth!

The Duck Herder said...

hello lovely people!