Sunday, August 21, 2011

A few things

 I don't have much to add to the world today. Leunig as usual knows exactly what to say.

We return once again to the question of why are there humans.

Anyhoo, in other exciting news, folks everywhere it seems are chatting about establishing a city farm / sustainability hub / lets grow more of our food right here in the ONC and looky the nice people at COGS are holding a forum to bring it all together. Bless you. $@^#ing bless you. 

And in less happy news, my beloved Mr Kiwi got wet feed, mostly because I left the washing machine hose on him for too long during winter....and I think he has a terrible disease and I think he might be dying. He is OOZING ectoplasm like something from the ghostbusters. And I think one of the Mrs Kiwi's might have the same thing, but not so bad. I feel GUTTED. My lovely gorgeous coddled 8 year old kiwis that shade our house, keep us cool and shower us with buckets and buckets of kiwis every year.

I think I need a moment.

I am grateful for my lovely neighborhood. My girlie friends. Today was lets order from the Eden seed cattle dog day. So I went next door for Sue to add her things to the list. Then pedaled up to Eileen's while she added things to the list. Then pedaled home with 2 glasses of shiraz in me (well, I AM grieving about the kiwis) and them made the order. I like that.

Can I just say, to those stupid truck drivers, that you don't speak for me. Just to  be clear. And just to be SUPER clear, I want you to consider, just briefly, that if most young folks think that 1) climate change is probably probable enough that it might be prudent to shift our economic trajectory away from coal and towards renewables, and 2) a carbon tax - while perhaps clunky - is one way to do this and 3) lets just have a cup of harden the #@%&^ up and get on with it, and finally, why/how can you put your selfish individualistic, short term, greedy, blinkered, moronic scarcity consciousness nastiness above the needs of the rest of the planet, your children, your children's children and the planet they will inherit FROM YOU and the planet you will leave them.

I am just saying.


Greenie said...

Go Duckie! I absolutely agree with your views on the truckies and it sounds like you had a fab day with the seeds, friends & Shiraz! Greenie x

Marla said...

Oh how I have missed my visits with you. You always inspire me and make me snort out loud at the same time. Such a gift!

I thought of you last night as I sat at a table filled with young women I adore and ate lovely tidbits while drinking too much wine. Is there such a thing as too much wine?

Anyway, at one point, as we were all howling with laughter because, well face it, I only hang with the truly hysterical, I had this thought:

"I wish Duckie was here. She would fit right in."

The Duck Herder said...

Hey there Greenie - back from your marvelous adventure!

And hello there lovely Marla - you crack me up. I aim only to induce snorting. And I can not tell you how much I think I would enjoy getting elegantly shitfaced in your raucous avalanche of love company!!! Big love to you Marla. xxxxxxxxx

PS, "I only hang with the truly hysterical". I love it. What a great litmus test for friendship!

Jacqui said...

Amen girl.

And just to make you feel a bit better - my friend completely nearly killed a very big old frangipani tree in his back yard by doing something similar. We were sure it was over and it looked so sick. Well, it recovered and is going strong three years later so give it time lovely, maybe he'll recover too. xxoo

dixiebelle said...

I kept meaning to come back & comment, now I've got no idea what I was going to say. Great posts lately, love how you tell it like it is!

The Duck Herder said...

Thanks Jacqui and dixiebelle.
Jacqui thanks for understanding! It is not looking good.....if I look down one of the old pruning scars near the base......well, I SHOULDnt be able to see down into the vine now should I, and I SHOULDNT be able to see wet weepy stuff in there.....

sob sob.

But fingers crossed!