Sunday, August 7, 2011


Actually, this is my latest beanie. Beanie #6478920. Alpaca thank you - the yarn of duck herding choice. I am liking that ribbing so much I have started another one that is all alternating front and back post treble thingies. And it is looking pretty good. Super thick, variegated and squidgy.  I decided a clever way to do the increases was to do two front post trebles around one post, and then on the next row, when you get to those two front post trebles, add a back post treble into the second one before you add a front post treble into the same one....which gets you back into a front back front back alternating pattern.....if that makes sence.....hmmm, better wait untill there is a picky.

anyhoo. The DAPHNE is flowering like crazy and the house is full vases oozing that gorgeous kinda froot loop smell which I love so much and which is like a special special gift of colour and scent in the dead of winter. Yay for Daphne.


Michelle said...

I love daphne, but sadly it gives me a terrible sinus headache. When we moved here, we had friends remove the two lovely daphne bushes and plant them at their houses. One made it, but the other didn't.

Love the beanie. Isn't alpaca the best stuff to crochet? And it's so warm too.

Valley View said...

I think that Floppsy the pig would love a beanie just like that - but alas, she is allergic to alpaca, she gets horrible nauseia when ever she eats one.


- Mrs BVVF wouldn't let me count farm work in the housework question on the census - how unreasonable.

alison@thisbloominglife said...

Is alpaca anymore waterproof than wool/possum? My head was mighty cold and wet in wool/possum today and I have to say I looked amazingly unglamorous. Thank god I have the camera and take the photos...

WeekendFarmer said...

I have recently 'discovered' the luxury feel to the alpaca fiber. It is something - isn't it? I bought some for Mrs. WF's birthday...she was pleased. There is a vendor at our farmers market who sells everything Alpaca. Will get some pic for you : ).

The Duck Herder said...

Hi Michelle - I can imagine that if you had a sensitivity to it - daphne could be very up the nose! it is so strong.

Mr BVVF - heehee. that is very funny. Poor you - all that hard work unrecognized!

Hey Alison - I really wouldnt think so! I think that alpacca might be even less waterproof than wool.....but how lovely is possum fur!

And hello there Mr Weekend Farmer - it is just lovely I agree! lovely to crochet with and lovely to wear. looking forward to those pic!

Hey all! thanks for stopping by.
Duckie xxxxx

Caitlyn Nicholas said...

Love my Daphne, its flowering like mad as well :)

Word verification is bratie - hmm, I wonder what that means?