Tuesday, February 15, 2011

pretty boy

Now I have posted about bastard cockies before, but this may be something new.

There are not many universal truths, but one universal truth is that cockies, and I mean sulphur crested cockatoos, corellas, yellow tailed black cockatoos and all the big 'uns, well they are all LEFT HANDED. I can not tell you how appealing I find this fact, given I am a lefty n all. Yup, it has become a bit of an obsession. For the first few years my research was a little private joy, but as the evidence mounted, and all cockies sighted in the past decade were seen to be eating with their little left hands I have become more jubilant and publicly outspoken about this fact and now I am declaring it to the internets. I DEFY you to spot a cockie putting something up to his little mouth with anything other than his left hand.

Does it make me feel better that they eat my house left handed....? Perhaps.

Anyhoo, the other thing they can do is talk. Right now exactly 6573 cockies are outside screeching and yelling and carrying on because it is sunset and they want to get the last of it off their chests before they start yelling again just before dawn. Screaming incoherently, except for Pretty Boy. Pretty Boy, who flies with the wild flock but is obviously an "escapee" yells out "PRETTY BOY!" at the top of his little lungs with a cute little upward inflection at the end, and quickly follows it up with a screech.

Pretty Boy indeed.

A little bit more from the Pink Chair adventure. It really does look like I don't have much to occupy my time doesn't it.


Jacqui and Mick said...

So they may be left handed but they're still bastards!! Ah dear Ducks, you made me laugh this morning - thank you! I do miss the racket of them carrying on, so loud you can't sit outside and talk. They don't seem to like chewing on Fibro and they haven't worked out how to get the bolts off the iron roof yet but they are working on it. One day.

Hey and that mighty fine looking chair, on the little bridge...well if that's the bridge at Tharwa then I have wedding photos standing in the same spot!! How 'bout that!

Oklahoma Granny said...

That's a fun fact. I'm left-handed too.

Von said...

As a genuine bastard and proud of it I'm thrilled to be grouped with the cockies and to know they may all be left clawed.As a lifelong amateur studier of animal and bird behaviour, this is an excellent observation and one I will try to corroborate whenever I have the opportunity, which is most days.
Pretty Boy landed on his feet hey?Great story, love it.
Where to next for the chair?

Kat said...

That's kind of hilarious, but I feel your pain, cockies are lovely in the sky.. at a reasonable distance away from sensitive ears and chewable buidlings!

The Duck Herder said...

Dearest Jacqui - oh, are you ONCian by birth? How lovely. This bridge is a lot down stream from Tharwa - but they are both beautiful bridges yes! Tameas Bridge is on the sneaky scenic back road from Cotter to Yass. Same river, different bridge!

Hee hee, Oklahoma Granny - what a bunch of weird left handed middle children we are!

And Von - I knew you would appreciate this story. And I love the picky of the left handed cockie on your blog :-)

Hi Kat - welcome! I love how noisy and naughty they are - I love them very much, I just don't feed them any more because that seems to fuel their desire to eat my cedar window frames.......

Jess said...


Also is that Tharwa bridge? I live right near there.

Marla said...

Oh my! He is a pretty boy. My boy Harley would love him, I'm sure.

Um.....why is your fancy new free chair in the road or am I hallucinating again?

Katherine Jenkins said...

You'll have to read about my recent cockatoo-sitting gig in Seattle...I thought I might just loose my mind..check it out! Love all your pictures...need to come for a visit!!!