Sunday, December 12, 2010

this is not for you

Dear Bloggy Friends.
This post is not for you.

Dear Bloggy Hater
While I am actually delighted to be thought of as "irresponsible", I realize this is because you do not know me. I do wish you however, lots of love and kindness and perhaps a more generous spirit, and hope that Santa can bring you a nice little box of "sense of humor", a bag of "perspective", and perhaps, the insight to be able to determine that while this silly, light hearted, personal blog is chocker full of excellent tomatoes, beautiful bikes and luscious home made tea cosys, it may also contain exaggeration (for comic purposes only).



Von said...

Oh dear what brought that on? What could be a more perfect combination than teacosies, bikes and tomatoes?

Veronica said...

Did you get a troll? Ugh. They're the worst.

Marla said...

What? You have a blog hater? I am so jealous...NOT!

If someone is offended by your sweet blog, I shudder to think they might stumble on mine. It would be mayhem.

Grand Purl Baa said...

Luvvie. Honey Bun. Huggy Bear. Sweetie Pie.

Whatever it was.... remember.... water off a DUCK's BACK!!!

On the other hand - loud and fierce cussing works wonders too.

The Duck Herder said...

I KNOW! How could anyone want to be mean to me, I am adorable.

Anyway, I am over it now. Veronica, "troll" is such a good word, may I use it?

Thanks lovely ladies. I shouldn't have reacted. I guess it is unreasonable for absolutely EVERYONE to find me simply delightful. I forget the blogosphere probably isn't COMPLETELY full of gorgeous, generous, outrageous, funny, silly, raucous goddesses such as yourselves xxxxx

Jacqui and Mick said...

HOW DARE THEY! I will be sending the chickens 'round to sort them **^%$#@! out.

And for the record, you ARE delightful and so say all of us xx

I'm just sorry my head has been so far up my own - you know - that I didn't see your post in time to REALLY send the chickens 'round

The Duck Herder said...

heehee, 'tis no worry. Lucky I am so arrogant and feel so loved I am completely over it.

And anyway, you have every right to be pre occupied - you are going on a MARVELOUS ADVENTURE, which I am very much looking forward to gratuitously experiencing as well. xxxxxxx