Friday, December 17, 2010

coming home

Thank you so much for all your warm fuzzies about Owlly. He really is so cute - I think I am going to make another - just for some more attention......

Just got back from two days in the Central West - Condobolin, West Whyalong and Temora. The Lachlan is in full swing. Everything is wet and lovely. We didn't get to go through Grenfell, because the roads are still flooded at Forbes, which means I didn't get to check on my FAVORITE wild peach tree, but from the looks of things there will be heaps of wild apples, peaches and nectarines this year......which means lots of wine and cyder. BRING IT ON.

On the way back we stopped in Murrumburrah, and in the Which Craft shop, which is a cool funky community owned cafe and craft place and I found THIS:

Happy Christmas to ME. I can't work out how it is made - sort of felted knitted, but somehow the layers are think or rolled, but it is so soft and luxurious, I need to work out how to do it in crochet........Anyway, while I work out how to replicate the effect, I can still use it as my new favorite tote bag.

In other news, these Sturmer apples are lookin' pretty sexy:

And did I mention how much I love Queenie?

Well, thats it for a Friday. Imagine having to WORK on a Friday. Unthinkable.

But I think I will get over it.

Must be time for a cuppa.

The end.


Debbie said...

The bag is great and it is hard to tell how it is made, but I am sure you will work it out.

slow rpm said...

....and thanks for this little bit of cheeriness on this grey ,wet Melbourne day.



The Duck Herder said...

Thanks Debbie! ATM I am spending lots of time admiring it, but it is still a mystery.

And hello there Mr slow rpm. Welcome!

Marla said...

What a great bag!!

sharon said...

OMG Ive been wanting a secret service...but live in US>..and its 1700......sigh..I can only find one dealer in portland