Monday, December 20, 2010

Mind over Matter

Yesterday I spent the WHOLE DAY IN BED. Once upon a time I would just push through my tiredness, but now I try and take a more enlightened approach. I don't want to be one of those people that when asked how they are, always replies "Tired".

At work, people wrongly assume I am super miss extrovert. But I am not. Basically I find humans EXHAUSTING, and frankly you have to pay me to spend much time with them being delightful. Its not that I don't enjoy my work, or LOVE the people I work with, its just that they are exhausting, and I need to pace myself.

So, after a few days on the road running lots of meetings and humans and mediocre food, my body says rest. And so I did.

It's taken a long time to stop pushing. I have a strong will and a strong mind, and I can bully my body into doing just about anything. It just comes at a cost.

This photo is me in a solo 24 hour mountain bike race in 2003. Once I could even bully my body into racing for 24 hours straight. I could even trick myself into thinking it is fun. But I don't do that any more. I get tired just thinking about the training and pain and pushing required to compete in endurance racing.*

Which makes riding Queenie in skirts and nice shoes at a sedate and dignified pace to get somewhere, not just riding for its own sake just so much more delightful. Queenie is the oposite of mountain-biking.

And sitting in bed taking phone calls from friends, working on tea cosy #10, drinking tea, reading the papers and generally mooching is fun. I want to be that person that listens to her body - who doesn't bully herself. Who is kind and loving and generous to herself as well as others.

the end.

*You do get to eat a lot of cake though, which is definitely a plus.


rhonda jean said...

It was lovely phone talking with you while you rested in bed yesterday. I am jealous beyond all reasonable measure about your bike. Long may she be with you.

Von said...

How very wise and sensible.A kindle might come in handy too.

The Duck Herder said...

Oh Rhonda - it was lovely talking with you too, although we completely forgot to talk about making wine and cyder did you notice? And Queenie is just preening herself with all that praise.

Hello there Von, I think you are right! Is there a kindle in your Christmas stocking already?

Thanks for your lovely comments you gorgeous women!

buckets of peace and love to you both.
Duckie xxx

Anonymous said...

I wish I would have read this post sooner...we were busy all weekend and yesterday I was in bed all day because of it....if I run to much or with a lot of people it plain wears me out to the point of having panic attacks. My mom has told me I have to learn the word no...but for some reason I just keep pushing myself and then feel it in the end.

Thank you for your wise words:)



The Duck Herder said...

you are welcome Renee! I think it is never to early to start cultivating one's inner sloth.... :-)

Marla said...

What a lovely post with so much wisdom from one so young.