Saturday, November 20, 2010

food forest is go

The Cherry tree out the front is going great this year - not a big crop, but enough for a handful of cherries each day. The REAL buzz is coming from the mulberries. Above is a photo of the White Shatoot. This is a dwarfish mulberry - with amazingly long super sweet white berries. They are so yummi. And below is the more conventional black shatoot. These are more mulberry flavor, but not as sweet. But still huge and fat and yum.

Both trees are still a bit frost sensitive - not sure why. They have lots of dead branches, but where they grow back, the fruit is excellent.


Von said...

Oh delish! Nothing better.

Diane-Sage Whiteowl said...

Fantastic pics. mmm food forest I like!

The Duck Herder said...

I know! yum yum.