Monday, November 29, 2010

Epic Adventure - but not mine!

Mr Duckherder decided to run to Blue Water Holes on Saturday. From our house. As the crow flies......well through the mountains anyway. This was an EPIC ADVENTURE up over huge mountain ranges and LOTS of wilderness and national park. Its only about 100 km!

A little welcoming committee drove for THREE HOURS in the rain to meet Mr Duck at Blue Water Holes camping area. Reedie ran out about 10km to meet him. After 13 hours, you can just see the two little specks coming down the valley. They had been challenged a little by a cranky brumby stallion just a little while ago, but there they are safe and sound.

Mr Duck put on a little burst of speed for the final hill up to our camp ground. Look at those little licorice legs.

They the rain settled in. We had a great night. Caught some trout. And only lost one car on the slippery climb out of the valley the next morning.

Here is the real story here:
Holder to Blue WaterHoles Run - Running - Spot


jonesy said...

Crikey Mrs D that's a bit tough, making the poor guy run all that way, you could have lent him your new bike. ;-)

The Duck Herder said...

ha! Mr Duck took the SHORT CUT.

I think it might have slowed him down a bit hauling a 20kg dutch monster up all those mountains......

How are you jonesy? bit quiet there on the blog front....... hope all is well.


jonesy said...

Things are up and down at the moment Duckie, 60 plus years of knocking the bark off eventually catch up and you end up with a puncture or two. But we are on the mend and the garden is looking a treat with all this rain, so it's not all bad. Lack of blogging I'm putting down to general lethargy, so maybe with a dose of Mr D's motivation and a good kick up the dupa from one of those licorice legs we could get things moving there as well.

The Duck Herder said...

Hi Jonsey - hope things stay on the up and up. This beautiful healing rain has gotta help. Don't work too hard!


Jacqui said...

Oh.My.Goodness. I just don't know what to say. That is EPIC! I can't run between two telegraph poles without breaking down. I'm sorely impressed!