Friday, July 31, 2009

winter gardening

Long week this week. Spent three days in Condobolin for work. It is a LONG drive. Condo is like a different planet this winter - GREEN and lush and soggy. Clover and grass and fat cows. Red dust is replaced with red mud. Going for a run along the river bank my shoes fill up with mud until they are heavy and clumpy. This winter (only) I am seduced by the hidden fertility of the central west. I know it will evaporate in a puff of hot dust by the end of the year. That beautiful red soil. All you need is water. Just add water. Pity there is no water.

Anyhoo, I was late getting off to Condo on Tuesday because my FRUIT TREES arrived from Woodbridge. Yay! Regular viewers will remember I ordered a Coe's Golden Drop to be friends with the Greengage plum. This was promptly planted in the waiting hole out the front.

And joy joy joy, welcome little Beurre D'Anjou, Beurre Hardy and Beurre Bosc pears. These are in a trio planting.

I must admit, pre-preparing fruit tree holes makes planting a BREEZE! These holes have been waiting since autumn when they were dug and filled with compost, manure and all sorts of other nice things.

In other news, here is a peak at the onion seedlings jostling for space with the salad seedlings in the glass house. I have more to squeeze in very soon - there are all sorts of things ready to move from the heatpad inside to the glass house. If I get organised soon, I will have a sheltered space down at the community garden to start shifting onions into........if I get organised that is.

OH, and here is photographic evidence that Mr Bacon has survived well into July! Crumpled, a bit ragged but DEFINITELY alive.

That is all.


Em said...

Looks good. One of my clients has an avocado seedling coming up in her yard from an older tree which is currently covered in immature fruit - looks like a bacon or similar. Am thinking I should ask if I can dig it up - if it is acclimatised to Sydney it might have a better chance down south...

The Duck Herder said...

hee hee - good luck with that Em!!! I think down here the issue is more altitude than lattitude. Might be better getting a grafted plant from somewhere inland and much further south - eg VIC or SA?

Found a house yet? DOn't forget Berridale and Dalgety? Gives you a bet each way if you end up working in Jindy or Cooma!

good luck with all the organising huh?

Em said...

Hmm okies I will keep that in mind :)

And yup! BVVF is a legend and inspected it this morning for us. Our application has been approved and we should be signing the lease soon. YAY! 4 bedroom cottage on the south east side of town on a BIG block maybe 1/2 an acre? So we might have to get a 4 legged mower of some sort or at least borrow one. I am SO excited :D