Friday, August 7, 2009

soil blockers are HERE

So, whats that?

Hopefully that's my new soil blockers - all the way from the UK!

Oh, what are they?

Well,. they are little thingies to make soil blocks to plant seeds in. Look, there is a tiny one and a bigger one.


I know!

So how did you go?

Well, OK on my first attempt. I need some practice with making the soil mix I think. I used a mix of very fine compost from work, some coconut fibre and some sand. OH, and a bit of dolomite and seaweed. I think the tiny block mix needs to be quite wet and dense - less coco perhaps, and the bigger blocks perhaps need more coco...... Its all a bit exciting though. No plastic, no transplant shock. There is even a little attachment for the larger blocker that makes an indent the same size as the tiny ones on the top, so that I can stick the tiny soil blocks directly into the larger ones - sort of planting on the best seedlings.....

cool huh!

You take this whole food production thing very seriously don't you?

I guess.....!


Kim said...

Woohoo! I can't WAIT to get our soil blocker. Congrats. Funny how some people might just go "eh, cool" and then there's others of us, that are over here going "That's SOOO cool! I can't WAIT to get one!!"

Lucy C said...

Very clever. Can't wait to see what you grow.

sherd said...


alysonhill said...

And it's mudpie making for grownups...don't you love that?! Who doesn't like making mudpies? I hope you can you use warm water to make them on these 3 degree days we're having?

The Duck Herder said...

you got it in one Alyson! Its PRACTICAL SENSIBLE FRUGAL mudpie making. I was trying to work out why it was so much fun, but I think you have put your finger in the pie so to speak!

hello there sherdie!

you wont believe this Alyson, but yesterday afternoon, during my second mudpie session, I worked out you can do this thing without even getting your hands dirty!

I HIGHLY reccomend these little toys.....can't believe you cant buy them in OZ.

Valley View said...

But Mrs Duck Herder, you can get them just down the road at - I was wondering why they came from ole Blighty.


The Duck Herder said...

unlike reo bar, which seems to APPEAR magicallly in 2 meter lengths whenever you want it, last time I checked, Allsun had stopped actually selling the soil blockers because they couldnt compete with the UK prices....which seems crazy to me but anyway. I tried them first! If you click on the soil blocker info on their site they provide some links to the blackberry lane folks....?

hope you day ended a bit better than the most of your week!

And THANX for the reo bar Mr BVVF!

Valley View said...

Sorry Mrs Duck Herder - I didn't read the page. Last time I went to one of their open days they had some, but come to think of it that was two years ago.