Sunday, April 19, 2009


The girls have been very busy these last two days. I have been very impressed with how MANY foragers there are now. I think they need to invest in some air traffic controllers - things were getting a little congested in the airspace there yesterday. Fingers crossed they have the numbers and the stores to make it through this first winter. If it is nice next weekend, Eric and I will open them just once more to see how they are going, and if necessary, perhaps I can cadge a couple more frames of honey from Eric's bees to see them through. I would be very sad if they died over winter.

We had a plot holders meeting at the Community Garden today. There are lots of housing and road developments happening around us, and we are loosing one end of the garden but are gaining more land and a new entrance at the other end to make way for a bike path and road realignment. In the end it will be good I think - more opportunity for communal meeting spaces and picnic areas, and another couple of rows of fruit trees. I made Cheryl's Banana Cake to take down - yum yum.

We had our first KIWI fruit this week. So now I guess we can start picking them in little batches. Kiwis don't ripen on the tree - but they store there OK. Apparently they are even better once the frost has got to them, so we will just start working our was through them slowly.

There is one more batch of apples and tomatoes in the Vacola. I am about to make a batch of Ratatouille. Lesley from the garden gave me some lovely eggplants to supplement the last of mine. The colours look lovely with the little pumpkins and zucs.

And then I reckon that's it for today. If I was good I would do some re-potting, but I am not so I wont.

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