Thursday, April 30, 2009

can we start that one again

Its been one of those weeks. I was up in Condobolin for work this week. While I was away a series of unfortunate events occurred - enough to make me wonder where exactly I put a foot wrong, went through the wrong door, turned left instead of right.......

Finally after 5 years a foxy loxy found its way into the backyard BEFORE the ducks were safely locked up for the night. Poor old Miriam and Tabitha Jemima have been spirited away leaving only their very upset daughter, a small sprinkling of feathers and 5 chickens who refused to come downstairs all the following morning.

I guess we should be grateful a foxy chainsaw massacre hadn't occurred and there were only a few feathers here and there.

So I am in the market for a new Khaki Campbell drake, and think I have one lined up from Ron Davis for Sunday at the Hall Markets. Poor little duckies - I have had those two for almost 5 years.

In other news, one of our naughty little cats seems to have eaten a yet to be determined length of fishing line - she is sad and miserable and has a sore tummy. (I think it is more likely to be the nylon twine that holds the carpet pile together - seems that's what she has been playing with and pulling up just for fun) The vet removed a small length from between her teeth - but she is still unwell so obviously there is more in there somewhere! No doubt that will cost us lots more money and will get worse before it gets better. Lucky she is cute and a marvelous vet lives just down the road.

So thats it - praise god and pass the ammunition its the end of the week (well for me anyway). I really don't think there is another workday left in me atm. Bring on the Lacuna Sabbath I say.

Oh and thank you so much for all your birthday wishes - i am so lucky to have so many beautiful bloggy friends - thank you muchly.
And Mr Bredbo Valley View - a post hole digger and chainsaw are special gifts that can go on the list for that one day when we move to a farm, and actually, I have both of Pa Duck Herder's chainsaws in the shed just waiting for that day!
see, I want for NOTHING!


Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear of your ducks. I know how you feel. They are such wonderful creatures and it seems so excessive what the fox does. We'd also be keen for a khaki campbell drake and I'd be more than happy to give you one of my ducks (mix khaki campbell and indian runner) if you feel the need for an extra girl. I have three at home and three chooks as well so we could spare a duck if you thought it would help.

sherd said...

Oh no! Poor duckies and poor tdh. Big warm hugs to you.

Lucy C said...

Oh no. I hate deaths in custody.
Hope your kitty feels better soon and there is not too much more $$$ to spend.

Jacqui said...

oh dear - that's not a good week :(

I'm so sorry about your ducks, especially the little one left behind...v. sad.

silly silly puss - she won't be doing that again in a hurry! I hope it doesn't cost too much but memories of my fur persons tell me it probably will.

Good on you for making it through the week - maybe some quiet time with the bees will help?

The Duck Herder said...

dillydally - you are BACK!!! I had all but given up on you. Hello hello. I am so glad you are gardening and bloging again.

Thanks so much for the duckie offer - but I will be OK especially if Ron has a nice drake for me. The plan is to pick him up on Sunday at the Hall Markets. :-)

thanks everyone. Thanks little rocket and Lucy C and Jacqui. I feel much better after a sleep and a restful day - and wouldnt you know, little kitty **$^#%$'d out a meter of fishing line today! gross.

Killi said...

Poor duckies. I have someone who keeps asking me for a KC drake. He keeps forgetting that all my Kcs & KC Xs came from him originally! I have ordered a Wolf pup from him ~ if his girly stops beating up his boycey ~ to replace my stolen beautiful girl.

My feed man came by yester evening begging for banty eggs to go under a broody. He was fascinated by the green eggs I gave him. I seem to have hatched out an Aracana at some point! This is intriguing as I supposedly had a pair, but never had a green egg from her & they went some time back. I've only had duck eggs in from outside...

We have 6 chickies

WeekendFarmer said...

So sorry to hear your news! That is terrible. One of our geese attacked our little Pekin and 'skinned' the poor thing. Amazingly it survied. I think its a miracle. She was lifeless when I picked her up : (

I do have an extra drake to give you ...wanna come by and pick it up...its only what 26 hour plane ride : ) Lovely to see your harvest!

The Duck Herder said...

hello there Killi and weekend Farmer - how are your respective northern hemisphere springs going?

Weekend Farmer - can you imagine the CARBON FOOTPRINT on your DRAKE if he came to live me me! (hee hee) And I am not sure how he would feel going into another winter and missing a breeding season!

Killi thats crazy about the blue eggs. Funny what genes stick around and pop up further down the track.

Big hugs and blessings to you both

duckie. xxx

Killi said...

My Spring is wet for the most part, but we have green leaves everywhere & the Blackthorn blossom is so beautiful. I put Snegi in the copse which had lush grass & the silly pony trampled all the grass to mud. Rawnie S is being much more sensible with her grass.

Pity WF couldn't give his drake a map, point him in the right direction & get him to fly to you under duck-power!