Saturday, April 25, 2009

Birthday Wishes

So what should you buy your pro-elegant frugality, anti-consumerism soil biology obsessed friend/wife/sister for her birthday? If you are unable to organise a round bale of lucerne hay, or a truck load of straw and cow manure, or some fertile indian game eggs, here are a few ideas.......

Well, Mountain Man aka Pa Kettle aka The Cougar is on the right track. While filling in the gaping holes in the driveway (and I use that term VERY loosely) up to the windy ridge, he dug up a very old, hand forged crow bar. (Luckily there wasn't a tired old farmer skeleton still attached to the handle.) Well, bit of a grind and a brush, bit of pink paint, and voila! Could there be a more perfect present? And I was just musing where I might find me an old crow bar since Pa Duck Herder took his back...... YAY. Thank you Mr Cougar.

And look - Lesley gave me a whole box of vacola jars. THANK YOU. And she didn't even know it was my birthday.

So I gave her these little mittens I just finished.

I have had a lovely birthday week. My beloved bought me the most beautiful necklace in the WHOLE WORLD. I feel like a QUEEN when I wear it. And a cool book which I devoured in bed yesterday and today, and a cool metal stand for my earings which is VERY practical.
Most of all I have cherished having endless cups of tea with sisters, dear friends and reconnecting with beautiful folks I haven't been in contract with enough of late.
And just to top it off, the week as ended with RAIN. Now that is a nice present.
So what did I do on my birthday? Well, I was in bed by 7:00pm with a cup of tea! I am not sure if that is sad or not, but honestly, it was EXACTLY where I wanted to be.
Happy Birthday to ME.


sherd said...

Happy birthday lovely one! Wish I could have a cup of tea with you to celebrate.

Lucy C said...

Happy Birthday.
SPunds like you have had a wonderful week.

Garden Pheenix said...

Happy Birthday *^_^* Sounds like a perfect way to celebrate. I absolutely love those gloves... do you make them to sell on etsy or someplace?

Jacqui said...

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Duckie
Happy Birthday to you!

Quack quack hooray!
Quack quack hooray!

F..o..r she's a jolly good duckie
For she's a jolly good duckie
For she's a jo-ll-y g-oo-d du-ck-ie
And so say all of us!

Hip hip hooray

(BTW: bed by 7pm sounds like a deliciously good way to celebrate)

The Duck Herder said...

yay! thank you most muchly. Hello everyone. Hello dear Rocketeer and Lucy and Jaqui. I am OK with turning 39, REALLY i am....... I AM!

Garden Pheenix i am just learning to crochet - so I am VERY flattered, but no, indeedy not - no etsy! The pattern is VERY simple - from Crochetroo who does sell her patterns, on ETSY actually.

much love

Killi said...

Happy Birthday baby duckling! Sounds like a good day

Valley View said...

Happy Birthday ma'am - you'd be such an easy lady to please. But what about a chainsaw or a post hole digger?

The Duck Herder said...

hee hee thanks everyone!

Garden Pheenix said...

Well if that is beginner quality I might have to learn to do this! I covet gloves like that but whenever I see them they are so expensive.

Thanks for the tip!