Sunday, March 22, 2009

wild apples

Mr Duck herder and I headed up to the mountains this weekend for a party in Jindi and a sleep over with Ma and Pa Kettle (aka Mr and Mrs Cougar or Mountain Man and Mrs Mountain Man) at the Windy Ridge. On the way back we stopped to pick apples. Between the ACT/NSW border and Michaelago there are some old apple trees growing alongside a dry creek bed and the old railway.

Apples - free and wild - my favourite kind!

Any guesses as to the varieties? The larger ones are from a HUGE old tree with the thickest trunk I have ever seen.

Lets hope they taste as good as they look. Thank you wild apple trees.


Valley View said...

We normally pick from those trees for our pigs. We start when the kids begin soccer in April - so things must be moving quicker this year.

Somenody nicked all the apples from our trees at the front of the property two weeks ago so we've had none this year.

You should have called in for a cup of tea on your way past!

The Duck Herder said...

Oh, I promise we left HEAPS! That was a bit naughty about your trees close to home. I mean, to nick ALL the apples is a bit rude!

Do you live on Bumbalong Road? Or closer to Bredbo Mr Bredbo Valley View Farm? We would love to drop in for a cuppa and a quick piggy cuddle!

PS the apples are BEAUTIFUL yum yum.

Valley View said...

Our place is just outside Bredbo on the Cooma side - we can see the town from our front door. I will introduce myself at the next Bee meeting if your there. And thankyou for leaving the apples - we usually wait and take them off the ground, the pigs still like them. I think thats why we've seen the dead wild pigs on the road lately their after them also.