Sunday, March 22, 2009

gap in the fruit supply

So like, the whole wild apple thing was especially special because we are in our first fruit gap of the season.

I like to supplement our home grown fruit with wild fruit (like wild weed blackberries and roadside peaches) so that there is always something fresh. I love the whole seasonal merry go round ride that happens - eat 1 million strawberries then move onto mulberries and then once they have finished, move onto the early cherries from out the front and then the mulberries are having their second flush right about when the raspberries get started just before Christmas and then wow, look here comes the white fleshed nectarines closely followed by the yellow ones and hey thanks for the plums and yummo here come the peaches and yay look at all the blackberries this year and well, kerthump! Here I am in March with no fruit. The kiwis are still perhaps a month off. I have a very early apple (vista bella ripens before Christmas) and a very late apple (sturmer ripens in June) which even when they are old enough to fruit will be no help to me now.

Looking at the young orchard, well, the nectarines, peaches, peachcot and apricots are all going to be finished fruiting by now as well. (once they grow up that is)

So, it must have been FATE when Woodbridge Fruit Trees announced they are taking orders again for this winter.


I have ordered three pears:

Burre Bosc (my all time favorite)

Burre D'Anjou

Burre Hardy (also known as Gellerts Butterbirne)

They all ripen in March.

Little fruit gap - consider yourself filled. Well, eventually anyway.

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