Sunday, March 29, 2009

Duck Herding Sunday

Ma Duck Herder had a birthday this week (twenty two again....) So these photos are for Bellie the missing sister! We went to our FAVOURITE cafe - the Outsider Cafe at Captains Flat.

Who is this good lookin' rooster? He looks like he could run VERY FAST. Fast enough to win me a wollomi pine me thinks!

And could this be a duck herder with her dad?

And could this be Ma Duck Herder with her dear friend Cathy?

And what ever happened to that nice bottle of bolli we were saving for a special occasion?

And was this the Duck Herder's community garden plot this morning in great need of weeding and tending and digging up of the taties?

And is this more of her neglected but still generously productive garden?

And is this proof that the raising of seeds in toilet rolls works most excellently?

Well, thats all for Sunday.

And hello new people! Hello Cheryl and Em. Welcome to my little blog. I love your blogs! I look forward to reading about your lives.



Jacqui said...

Ah Duckie! Looks like you had a most enjoyable time at Captains Flat today (a very happy birthday to Ma Duck Herder). Bollie, no less! Would you believe that I had a very enjoyable night in the pub at Captains Flat about three years ago? That'd be six months before we bought our house in the mountains after looking around Braidwood & Captains Flat for somewhere to raise the chooks! Now I feel like we missed a good thing indeed.

If you and Mr Duck Herder ever want to visit the home of your new Wollomi Pine, you are most welcome to stop at ours on the way!

Jacqui said... was Majors Creek. Well - almost!!

Lucy C said...

And I second Jacqui's offer. Come to the Mountains.
Or maybe we should all meet up at that lovley Cafe.
HBD Ma Duck Herder.

Valley View said...

Hello Mrs Duck Herder, do the allotment farms have town water?? Your garden looks great - it's a shame ours didn't do anywhere near that well this year. How well are your corn cobs growing? They look pretty good - pigs love corn stalks, do people just compost all their bad produce - or is there a deal to be done here??

Trailing Mira said...

the community garden looks great! so much potential :)

Em said...

Oooh we shall have to check out that cafe once we move. It will be practically local! (from Cooma)

The Duck Herder said...

to the mountains! to the mountains! wouldnt it be fun to out ourselves from blog-land just for a day! To share multiple pots of tea from teacosy'd teapots with valley views and muffins. From the looks of those misty morning mountain garden photos, Jacqui is running an exclusive boutique B&B hideaway anyway. I love the blue mountains, and have very much enjoyed some adventures in the wollomi national park, but from the rylestone side.

So yes, my mountain lady blogland friends would be the FIRST to know the next time I am planning a blue mountain escape.

And as the crow fliles, Majors Creek is not so far. And nor is COOMA EM - there are some lovely lovely folks and dear friends who live in them there other more dryer higher mountains past Cooma. When are you moving? And don't just ask me - Mr Bredbo Valley View will be able to tell you ALL about it. Yay!

SPeaking of Mr Valley View - thank you for you praise of my little garden. I love the community garden. I love the other folks (all different but equally excentric)If I am in a good mood I will bring some corn stalks to bee club for your little piggies. Do they like dry ones too? The gardens use town water (there are good things and bad about this) and we are governed by the same watering restrictions as other folks - ie atm watering between 7-10 am and pm with a hand hose. which is FINE because so many of my country friends have had NO water and NO gardens this year. It is a strange time when I am more self sufficient living in town than other folks living on farms!

And hello trainling mira. Another fabulous elegant frugality person - welcome welcome welcome.

Oh, and EM, in Cooma there is the THE LOT which is more than satifying for a VERY good coffee etc etc so you will be OK. While I miss their old little cramped space on the other side of the road, I could never begrudge their success and decision to move accross to sunnier larger digs. My goodness, I can't even imagine how many coffees I have had there over the years! So you will be JUST FINE.

bye everyone
Thanks so much for your comments. I feel so happy to be connected in a www way to so many amazing folks.

Em said...

We are aiming for October but it might take a bit longer than that. We want to get enough money saved that we can still eat and pay rent if we dont get jobs straight away.

I havent been down that way much in the past few years but my BFF :P from highschool lived down there. Her parents own a couple hundred acres out on Gullies Rd, about 40mins from Jindy. I spent most of my school holidays down there so it kind of became my second home :)

Cheryl said...

Hooray for seeds in toilet paper rolls! I love your ingenuity!