Thursday, October 16, 2008

long time gone

We return to our regular broadcasts after a longish sojourn in Condobolin. Work is BUSY but good. Spring is WONDERFUL. Life is a bit of a WHIRLWIND and it is tricky to maintain the stillness.

I am still pleased as punch with my socks. They have survived hand washing AND machine washing, which pleases me greatly. Thank you so much for your happy comments and general agreeance that rainbow crocheted socks are a fine fine thing to have in one's possessions, and even better caressing ones feet and peaking out from one's boots.

I took these photos last weekend, and only now found time to pop them up and out into the internets. Behold my individualised toilet roll seed raisers. (Don't worry, Mr Duck Herder and I are not responsible for this much toilet paper use! I have a flotilla of signed up toilet roll holder donors) I had a peak this afternoon, and can happily report the zucchinis and cucumbers are definitely up, and with tomatoes in close pursuit.

I know a fellow who uses this method, but first dips the rolls in beeswax to make them last, before planting the plants out roll and all when ready. I skipped the wax treatment and will see how they hold up.

This is much quicker than sprouting seeds in trays and transplanting to topped and bottomed 2l mild containers ALA Linda Woodrow so fingers crossed that I am onto something. (frugal elegance AND expedience)

And these clever little things are recycled recycled coke bottles. They originally had onion seedlings in them - purchased from a farmer at the farmer's market. Now they have a second generation of onion seeds, and also some asparagus seeds.

Whilst in Condobolin I finished a beautiful spring scarf - again from my stock of lovely Noro self striping wool - which I LOVE and have worn every day for a week, but which for some reason, no one has yet commented on......I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder, or maker, perhaps.......

will get a photo of that one soon as well.

Anyhoo - a well earned day off tomorrow. Next lot of chickens should be hatching out over weekend. Fingers crossed for some successful faverolle hatchlings - they have traveled so far those little eggs - all the way from Proserpine QLD.

Taa muchly to everyone who said nice things about my sox *swoon*


Eilleen said...

The toilet roll seed raiser and coke bottle things are GREAT ideas!

I was eyeing my mum's egg cartons and was wondering if I could use them to plant seeds (and if so, what sort of seeds?)... what do you think?

Eilleen said...

oh and I LOVE the socks!

The Duck Herder said...

Hello there lovely Eilleen! I would still very much love to take you up on that cuppa tea offer if you have time sometime!

Egg cartons - they are certainly made from the right stuff, but I wonder if they are a little shallow for seedlings - it is amazing how deep those first little roots get. And it might be tricky to cut out the individual cups with plants in them (oops!)without shaking them up too much..... But I reckon anything is worth a go - especially if you planted them out sooner rather than later....

Now I know a certain duck herder who is ALWAYS short on egg cartons.........recycling cartons only works as long as the people you give the eggs to give the cartons back when they are finished!

congrats on the new blog Eilleen!

Chooks'r'us said...

crocheted socks!!! I can crochet but not knit I would so love the pattern! Is it on your blog? I'm loving this blog this morning so many good things to read about - can't wait to share the toilet holders with M. who does all the propagating here. I will be back!

The Duck Herder said...

Hi Chooks'r'us - thank you so much! I have been lurking a bit on your lovely blog too - a bit of a kindred spirit I suspect!

I bought a whole book on crochet sock patterns off amazon - I think I did a previous post, but I will have a dig and sent you the linik - they are very easy!