Friday, October 3, 2008

chicken tv

We have some new babies! They are now in a brooder box in the living room. The box has a wire mesh front so we can see what they are up to. I could watch them for hours. Its like Chicken TV.

They sure do poop a lot.

In other news, Amelia the wonder duck looks like she has decided to sit. I wonder if she has the patience to go all the way. She is a little more highly strung than her mum.


Killi said...

Gorgeous babies. Here's hoping that Amelia will sit the whole time. Could you incubate her eggs if she gives up to finish them off?

rhonda jean said...

Hello duckie! Lovely little chicks! Awww. Are the black ones from your silkies?

The Duck Herder said...

They are so cute! I have no idea what they are yet - I thought the three black ones were australorps, but they have furry legs! How we ended up with the eggs was a bit complicated - Joe organised some eggs from a pure breed chicken breeder for a girl he met at the Hall Markets, but they didnt show up to pick them up, so rather than waste them, we poped them into the incubator as a test run - and they are a lovely lottery surprise!

Re Amelia - She is so scatty, I think I will wait for her mum to set before I actively think about more duckies this year....!