Thursday, May 29, 2008

Mr Duckherder on his way

Well folks

Yesterday I dispatched my beloved onto a plane bound for Kona Hawaii for the first leg of his US racing adventure. 6 WEEKS! Now that is a long time.

Good things about Mr Duck Herder being away:
  • I can eat home grown pumpkin every night
  • I can eat beans and lentils whenever I want
  • I can burp without saying "excuse me"

Bad things about Mr Duck Herder being away:
  • No cuddles
  • No cup of tea in bed every morning
  • I will miss his lovely sweet funny calming influence
  • I will MISS YOU HONEY!

For those of you who know the mupster, or who have an interest in IRONMAN racing, here is a link to Mr Duck Herder's blog.


WeekendFarmer said...

: ) Does he not like pumpkin?

Killi said...

Hugs & I could send you a fluffy puppy for cuddles (free range with the chickens & ducks!), but it isn't the same.

I'm down to 1 Silkie now after You-Dzheng & Li-Tze both drowned themselves. He's taken on the Li-Tze name as, being black he's much more a "plum" than the white henny & he was never named. I need more fluffy Silkies to keep him company. I have some very strange Silkie crosses ~ girly Banty Cuckoo Marans with Silkie top knots & 2 orange hennies with topknots...

You can see how long I've been trying to post a comment to you! Received you ever the Tale I emailed?

The Duck Herder said...

Can you believe it weekendfarmer? All my beautiful pumpkins stored under the house and my beloved turns his nose up at them!

Lovely to hear from you killi - that is sad news about your silkies. THey are not very good swimmers - thats for sure. And I did get your story - thanks very much! I enjoyed it muchly.

well, im off to chop up some pumpkin!

WeekendFarmer said...

hmmmmm...: )

give him the pumpkin dip (recipe on my blog) ....see if he likes that.

How is the farm hunting going?

Eilleen said...

Awww - hope the time passes quickly for you (but not so quick you don't get your pumpkin hit!)

Killi said...

Are you the "groupie" on Mr Duckherder's blog? If so, you're a very beautiful Ducky.

[Delete this comment if you don't want others to go looking for pictures of you because of my comment~ I hate pictures of myself, so I'll understand :)]

The Duck Herder said...

aaawww thanks guys! and yes killi - I am the chief groupie (and sponsor and roadie and cheerleader and rescue van etc etc etc)

weekendfarmer it is a very strange thing that a man can choose NOT to eat lovely sweet golden pumpkins in any of their possible combinations or guises.


the farm hunting is more of a journey than a destination. one day, one farm etc etc etc. In the mean time, I continue to love living here and as each season goes by, and more and more of my fruit trees start producing, wonder if perhaps my roots are going to be too deep someday to uproot them?