Sunday, June 24, 2007

Random Fungus Flat Rooster Sunday

Well. Another bone crunchingly cold night followed by a crystal clear sunny day. The poor old avocados are taking a beating. They have spots and splotches and crunchy leaves. None of this is good! The Bacons seem to be doing a bit better. The Gwens – well, they look like crap! I am not sure what the specific problem is – is it the cold? Is it the “green with envy” spray? Did they get wet feet? Have they caught a fungus? Will they die? Sigh…. there are many avocados questions.

In other random news, I got two flat tires riding to mum and dad’s this morning. I changed one tube, and then the replacement tube went flat as well. I think my tire is worn out – all those 25km commutes to and from struggle town for work! In the end I had to walk home with the bike.

I am not sure if it is bad blog etiquette to talk about pre-blog experiences, but I wanted to show you the slippery jacks and saffron ladies my friend from the community garden gave me. He found them just up the road in the pine forest a few weeks ago, a few weeks after some rain. I have always wanted to find out which of the mushrooms growing in the pine forests are edible, but have never been able to find anyone who knew before! So here they are:

Both are quite distinctive, and I think I will be able to find them again in the wild next spring - the safron ladies especially
There is some more information about them here.

I fried them up in some butter and home grown garlic – DELICIOUS!!! The saffron ladies especially! Mr Duck Herder refused to eat them, but I thought they were wonderful.

And finally, true to my word – here is a picture of Nefley and her boyfriend Byron. Byron is a regular visitor to the princess castle and he is very sweetly in love with Nefley, and Nefley is very sweetly in love with him too. Jenni however, hates him with a passion. Thats half of Jenni there on the right.


rhonda jean said...

if the avos are sitting in soil that is too moist for them they could develop phytofera. I've lost an avocado because of it. There is lots on the internet about it.

They are beautiful looking mushrooms and I love their names! Lucky Mr Duck doesn't eat them. LOL

The Duck Herder said...

HI Rhonda
Thanks for visiting my blog again. I am hoping it is not phytofera - that would be so sad, as we have only just had some decent rain for the first time in their little avocado lives! Generally my problem has been keeping the moisture up to them. It has been wet for the first time though, and it is possible they were a little damp for a few days - but not water logged. I am suspecting that they might have had a reaction to the "green with envy" spray, but am mot sure. We did have some very serious -4 four frosts, and they are stil very little and do not have very good leaf cover. Fingers crossed. If they fail, well, I will still have their wonderful north facing, very well composted space to expand the garden and orchard into!

re the mushrooms - arnt they wonderful! I hope I have the luck to find them, and the courage to eat them again in spring!