Saturday, June 30, 2007

ONC Farmers Market

Most Saturday mornings start with a quick cuddle and tea in bed, followed by a dash to the Canberra Region Farmers Market. We are very lucky here in ONC*, with a wonderful weekly farmers market that attracts two huge pavilions full of growers from a 200kmish radius. Even more happily, around 3000 ONCish folk travel past numerous supermarkets each week to relish in the wonderful experience of buying the freshest, tastiest food and meeting the folk who grow it.

Yup, between 8.00am and 11:00am, its all on at the Canberra Showground. Sometimes I go with a friend, sometimes I meet up with my sister or mum and dad for a coffee but today I had to go early and get back so that Mr Duck Herder could take the car to do the Googong Half Marathon.

Today I bought some lovely King Edward potatoes from some folks who farm out at Murrumbateman. Here is a picture of their stall. The other picture is of half the farmers market, from a distance.

Other purchases included restocking on Olive Oil. The olive oil folks are also from Murrumbateman. They sell lovely reusable 1 liter bottles of cold pressed olive oil. A quick wash out with hot water and bi-carb and we are ready to go again! It is lovely oil – they usually have between 2 and 3 varieties to choose from, all cold pressed and grown without pesticides or artificial fertilizers.

Really we don’t need to buy many veggies – most of what we need is here. The main reason I go is for the meat – beautiful, free range pork from happy pigs, organic lamb from a lovely family farm up at Ando, and salt bush lamb from the western slopes. Oh, and oranges.

Well, that’s it really! Time to get out side and potter about in the garden. Joe just rang – he is coming to pick up Byron tomorrow morning to do the Hall Markets. We love Byron! And it is unusual to have a chicken that is gainfully employed to sell chicken runs!

*Our Nation's Capital

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