Monday, June 18, 2007

Clever Amelia

In other news today, Amelia the youngest child of the flock laid this ENORMOUS egg! Amelia has been laying everyday since the 13th June. Her eggs have been quite little by ducky standards, but we have been impressed with her innate nest making capability - (how did she know to make a perfect little nest in the straw in the exact spot her mum does, before she even laid her first egg? Did she ask her mum for help? Unbelievable!) TJ her mum will not be ready to start laying again until July - so we are very impressed with Amelia’s capacity to work it all out herself!

The picture above shows some big brown Charlotte eggs for comparison, and two of Amelia's eggs - the big 90gm monsta egg, and one similar to those she has been laying all week. And here is a picture of Amelia with her mum and dad. That is Amelia right there - front and centre!

Clever Amelia - we are so proud!


Sherd said...

Go Amelia! She's a machine!!

Scarecrow said...

Hi Duck Herder
Amelia is beautiful.
She's just like a duck we used to have called Mildred. That was many years ago now though.
Where we live now is too hot and dry in summer for ducks :(

The Duck Herder said...

Hi Scarecrow! Thank you for visiting my new blog! We are very fond of our little ducky flock. They are so sweet and funny, and I have never met better egg layers, sitters and parents. Even Miriam the drake is a good dad, and it is so cute seeing just as many little ducklings shnuggled up next to him as their mum. They do like a bit of water though!