Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Mr Apollo progress report

 Mr Apollo continues to get bigger. He is looking mighty fine I reckon. Last year I managed to get our first ripe tomato in time for Mr Duck's birthday on the 23rd of November.......I think that was a "swift". Anyhoo, things are tracking well for another first tomato birthday pressie.

Closely following are the cherry tomatoes.

 They are trying to make a break for it out the top of the greenhouse. You can see the all important automatic vent. If you are thinking of making a greenhouse purchase, I reckon these are an absolute must and well worth the extra expense.....the little piston is fill of some sort of oil that as it heats up, starts expanding and this forces the vent open. If the temperature drops the vent closes. It is magic. It also provides a nice place for bees and other pollinators to get in and out of the greenhouse. And this is good news for tomatoes which need some bee friend help.

 And here in the autopots are some other bits and pieces. I am really happy how these are going. The plants are thick and strong. I think I have finally cracked the whole greenhouse tomato thing.......(she said hopefully)

In other news, I am using the same VRM XLR8 products on my curcubit seedlings...... using a deep mulch system at the community garden means there are LOTS of slaters and things just itching to munch up anything that is a bit weak or susceptible to fungal hopefully the XLR8 Ca will help to toughen them up a little......They look healthy, and seem to cope with direct sun and wind a lot better than other seedlings from past years so I am REALLY HAPPY. I think I might just need to wait until they each have 2 true leaves before putting them out......most have 1, so perhaps just another week or so........what do other folks do?


alison@thisbloominglife said...

Thanks for the extra info on the greenhouse, I hadn't realised that you could get 'clever' greenhouses! And I'm green with tomato envy. I've got mine ready to go in, but the afternoons always seem busy and my bio-dynamics teacher would not be happy if they were planted in the morning!!!

dixiebelle said...

Oh, I never realised that is what 'automatic' vents meant when I was researching greenhouses... I thought it meant you could open them by a latch & haudralics, as opposed to manually having to prop them open! That is clever...

Great birthday present!!