Saturday, November 19, 2011

little things

My daily affairs are quite ordinary;
but I'm in total harmony with them.
I don't hold on to anything, don't reject anything;
nowhere an obstacle or conflict.
Who cares about wealth and honor?
Even the poorest thing shines.
My miraculous power and spiritual activity:
drawing water and carrying wood.

Layman P'ang

Everything is pretty mellow here at duck central. Things are very quiet and still on the inside. The weather is just starting to heat up. The kiwi vines and other trees shelter and shade our house so we are dark and cool inside. Bruce the universe thinks I need to do a heap of traveling before Christmas. Armidale, Townsville, Noumea, Geelong and a conference. 

Queen Malina on the front deck is strong and amazing. The smell of ripening honey fills our house every evening.There will be honey for Christmas I think.


dixiebelle said...

Hey, are you & the family able to come along to my place on the 10th?

WeekendFarmer said...

And my place on the 11th? : )

Honey...I can smell it through your post. I don't think our colony made it...I am praying. Is it summer there. Maybe I should live bi-continental. A house for sale by you ? : )

Queen of the Tea Cosies said...


The Duck Herder said...

Heehee. Hi dixiebelle. I will be away that week - I am very sorry I do not get to come and play!

Weekend Farmer you are welcome any time!

And MS QotTC indeed. xxx

Jacqui said...

Dear Ducks,

I have missed you. I hope your travels - WITH YOUR OWN PILLOW!! - are windng up and you can come home and sit in house and smell the lovely honey from Queenie on the front deck. And happy birthday to Mr Duck Herder. And I hope 2012 is a spectacular one for you and yours. And I hope I finally get to visit you in ONC this year. Your raised beds have done wonderfully. Bountifulness and plenty.

Jacqui x