Saturday, May 28, 2011

Lacuna Sabbath

 Yesterday we celebrated the Lacuna Sabbath in the usual moochy way.

We admired the lisbon lemons - almost ripe.

Queenie and I went down to the community garden The soil is so dry - it has been a dry autumn. So we watered some stuff. This is saffron. No flowers yet - perhaps they will not flower until next year....I am not sure.

The garlic is going well (three rows in the center), as are the onions growing in the tomato tunnel. There is rocket and silver beet, a few cabbages, lots of parsley. A gazzilion Jerusalem artichokes. We won't starve......

The other week we batched up a huge pile of compost. This will ferment away during winter and hopefully be ready in Spring.

I need to get around to cutting back the Asparagus - but it looks so pretty with those little red berries.

Here is Queen Aprilia. She has made it to her new location in the bee garden. She had some trouble with ants, and is going into winter a little depleted. I may have to feed her a little over winter. Not sure yet.

Later we had visits from friends. There was much dancing on the roof.

That is all.

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