Monday, May 23, 2011

Back soon I promise

Hello dear internets

I am just about to jump on a plane to Hobart to buy more Tasmanian Devil Teacosys visit my dear sister. I have been absent - mostly mostly because my camera died and I have had much to show but not much to tell as there are lots of unformed words but no sentences or even dot points as yet. BUT I preempted an invoice being paid and VOILA I have purchased me a new camera thingy. It is TINY.

If I do not lose it in the next few days I promise some kind of normal broadcasting will resume shortly.

THANK YOU oh gorgeous well wishers and bloggy friends for your hellos and comments and sweet words about tea cosies and post project existence (ppe) . It is all good. There is much to tell.

Well, I am away to undo some good carbon sequestering works by gittin' in an airyplane.



small farm girl said...

Just don't forget us!!!!

Marla said...

Have a great time, Ducky!!

slow rpm said...

a visit to the 'wurst haus'?

The Duck Herder said...

heehee, no worries. and not the wurst haus, but my lordy, did I fall in love with the salad bowl!

I mean, who could refuse turkey, cranberry and brie sausages?