Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Oklahomians in Duck Herder Country

Breaking news my Oklahomian friends. It would appear that your homeland is indeedily doodilly represented at the Bendoura Arboretum after all - plot 4 to be exact. That them there, 8th column across and 4th row down.

A stand of LOBLOLLY pine trees. (you couldn't even make that up could you) Pinus Taeda to be exact.

Now I THINK these may grow wild in this true? Could it be so?

But WAIT - there is MORE - pinus ponderosa!

I feel so close to y'all!!


WeekendFarmer said...

: ) Ok...I am confused ...didn't get any part of this post. I need more

Loved what you did with the bees and the hives. Super amazing. How intense was the honey? Our last harvest was so mild...I was confused...

Nothing like honey from your backyard though.

What season is it for you now?

The Duck Herder said...

Cryptic I know! Actually, this post refers to a previous post about a trip up to the mountains to visit an old arboretum.

The honey is lovely - mid colored - lots of eucalyptus with some nice floral overtones. There was some interesting variation between some of the frames - light to dark.

Mild honey - perhaps lots of black locust blossoms from spring? (hmmmm, delicious)

And you are right - there is nothing like it.

oh, its the first month of autumn. No frost yet but it is coming.......

Marla said...

Yeehaw!!! Okies representin down under!!!

You are correct, my lucky duckie. Loblolly trees are deciduous to Oklahoma AND my all time Fave-O-Rite tree round these here parts.