Saturday, July 31, 2010

crochet house eaters & bikes

I have almost finished making one of these.

These have been eating my house again. If you look carefully, just to the left of this bastard cockies foot, you can see where he has been biting off pieces of pergola.

And I really want one of these:

But the one fellow in Australia who was importing them has just gone out of business............So unless I can import one myself, I may end up getting one of these:

I am over having to put on cycling gear and cleated shoes to ride anywhere. I want to travel by bike in my civilian clothes, skirts and nice shoes. I want baskets and bells and comfort and style - something to REALLY compete with the car for convenience and fun.

That is all!

Monday, July 26, 2010

10 Things

Not a lot to report. There has been a bit of tea cozy crochet action. After the previous post, I thought a nice crocheted king parrot might look nicely upon the topee of a tea cozy festooned with flowers, and *swoon* of course crochetroo has a pattern (with a bit of tweaking) . It would seem however, that my choice of 12 ply has resulted in a full size model.......which certainly wont be subtle........upon that little teapot.

Photos to follow shortly.

In other news, I am in a frenzy of de-cluttering. My brain can't cope with a "one room at a time" strategy - this seems too big and scary. So I am implementing the duck patented "10 things" program. Basically, every day I have to throw out, give away or otherwise remove from the premises 10 things. One week in and its working. By golly - its working.
That is all.

OH but wait, just one more thing. You know we love Leunig here. And here he has done it again. God bless Leunig. God bless the SMH for loving Leunig.

Duckwhistle Politics

In every human being
Is something we are not seeing
Down there in the muck
It is the inner duck!

So blow the duckwhistle gently
At least you can blow it mentally
And what you thought was lacking
Will gladly rise up quacking

And with this joyful meekness
And rounded yellow beakness
So beautifully unfurled,
Go out and love the world!

Michael Leunig

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Mr & Mrs King Parrot

These two have been visiting us on and off for many years. They fly onto the pergola and sweetly ask for breakfast. They have such a distinctive gentle voice, how can I refuse? I am very well trained. When I hear them, I run out and quickly give them some sunflower seeds.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Beanie #7 & The Daily Pie

Yesterday I was in Goulburn for work and it was COLD.

So last night I made a new beanie. This is beanie number 7.

Do you think I went over board with the buttons? No, I don't think so either.

Lucky I had a new beanie, because today was a CRAP day. I chaired a meeting for a colleague and I did a CRAP job at it. The meeting got away, and off topic and I just couldn't pull it back. It really wasnt obvious to me or anyone else that actually, I am usually rather good a facilitating groups and meetings and getting folks to play nice with each other. I am still sick with the flu, and I was tired and my brain just wasn't nimble enough to keep up.

I think the problem was that the meeting room was too warm for me to keep my beanie on. Because I reckon if I had been able to wear it, then they would never have gotten away.

Anyway. Sometimes I wonder why there are humans, and why I have to work with them.

And then I put on my new beanie, and drop in on my compost heaps to feel how hot and lovely they are even in this cold weather, and then I go out and feed the ducks and the chooks and everyone quacks and clucks and fluffs and all is right in the world.

In other news, the Grand Purl Baa Queen of Tea Cozies was interviewed on Radio National yesterday morning and she was WONDERFUL. Go Loani!!!!

In other other news, for all you ONCians, I have had lunch here at The Daily Pie twice and it is HEAVEN. You see, a sad thing happened a couple of months ago when Cedar Organics in Goulburn closed, and my source of lentil patties with organic salad and homemade relish was cut off. But then Helen and her team of gorgeous things opened up a PIE SHOP at Collector and well............everything is going to be just fine.

It is the COOLEST WARMEST FUNKIEST place ever and can you really go wrong with delicious homemade pies nestled on oceans of mashed potato, gravy and peas? I didn't think so.

There, I feel better now.