Saturday, July 24, 2010

Mr & Mrs King Parrot

These two have been visiting us on and off for many years. They fly onto the pergola and sweetly ask for breakfast. They have such a distinctive gentle voice, how can I refuse? I am very well trained. When I hear them, I run out and quickly give them some sunflower seeds.


Grand Purl Baa said...

Beautiful, beautiful. We too get King Parrots at our feeder. There are those that think one shouldn't feed the wild life, we are not two of them! Though I have limited feeding time to once in the morning and once in the afternoon - otherwise the verandah becomes like some frightening Alfred Hitchcock movie. What's amazing is how quickly the birds learned not to bother us between those hours.

Lucky-1 said...

Oh how pretty are these birds!!!! Last spring we had a magpie come in a few times a day for food. She was feeding babies and we couldn't resist. We are hoping she'll be back this coming spring;)

tansy said...

how neat! they are beautiful. i think i'd be well trained if they flew into my life every day. :)

The Duck Herder said...

Hi Ms GPB indeed we are not two of them! I wish they would keep it to themselves though, and not tell EVERY OTHER parrot in the neighborhood.

Hi Lucky - 1 I agree it is hard to resist.

Hello there tansy! welcome to my silly blog and thank you for commenting!


Marla said...

I love all your birdie buddies!