Monday, October 8, 2012

Ginger Champagne is GO

OK, so Eileen and I spent Saturday afternoon inpromptuly batching up 42 liters of ginger champagne. This is GOOD STUFF. Well, it will be in 9 months time......

There is another 25 litres of Kiwi Melomel doing a secondary ferment on the bookcase in front of my desk. I am waiting for this to slow down enough to bottle....Its a delicate balance.....too much fermenting left to do after bottling means exploding bottles and popping corks.....too little and the melomel is still, just enough and we have lovely spritzy bubbles! There is no science to this with wild fermentation - just gut. Trust your gut. Wait for the planets to align and for the creative tension in one's tummy to go still and clear and say "It is time"

All through the house I can here the gentle "glub..........glub......" from 4 different airlocks.

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WeekendFarmer said...

Happy New Year TDH! Have a wonderful 2013 with a brand new bee colony. Sorry that Queen M didn't make it through the it Spring for you now?