Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Winter Greens

OK, so remember those wicking garden beds I was putting in.......well, they were great over summer and have been even better over winter. The covers are actually pretty good at keeping the frost out and the warmth in.

We have had cut and come again lettuce pretty much all winter.......

 And for the first year I have grown valeriana or corn salad....It is really only getting a kick along now. I think I planted it a bit too late.......

 And this is something new.....miners lettuce. It is really nice to eat and has the same cut and come again characteristics that are so valuable in winter.......

Baby spinach has been crisp and sweet. I have just planted some more rows of seeds in the spaces. Its not too late to get a second crop of spinach in the ONC.

 Yummi. What a great selection for my green smoothies and salads each day!


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Queen of the Tea Cosies said...

You are a vegie gardening star.
I am very impressed yes I am, being the sort of gardener that expects to dig it in and off you go - produce.

Put in a citrus orchard (4 trees) 3 days ago. Two days ago the wallabies ate the leaves and the flowers of 2. One day ago fabulous wallaby proof fencing has gone up.

The Bloke says I'm good with sticks and string