Friday, December 9, 2011

Oh Blessed JOY

OK folks. This is the thing. I am frantically packing for New Caledonia. I leave at sparrow's fart tomorrow. Before you get all jealous, it is a WORK trip. I will be WORKING.

I am ALWAYS %#&*ing working it seems. Seems like I have been on the road for WEEKS. 

Anyhoo, I need to take some gear to wear on the landfill, (because that's how we roll) which means I have a bit too much luggage for carry on......So I need to take a larger suitcase.....which means it has lots of empty space, I mean, everything is just swiming around in there.

And then I realised

I can take my pillow.

My very own pillow.

Fucking bliss man.

Yes, I know. It is the little things.


1 comment:

Darlene said...

It IS the little things that make life worth living!! Darlene