Saturday, April 10, 2010

Lacuna Sabbath Death March

Mrs & Mrs Duck Herder went on a marvelous adventure yesterday. We walked along the Stockyard Spur from Corin Dam up to the top of the Brindabella Range to Pryors Hut (nestled between Mt Ginini and Mt Gingera) and back again. Yep, ALL the way up, and ALL the way down again. Weather = perfect. Smiles = BIG.

But golly it was so beautiful up there in the mountains.
My beloved knows that I get much less stressed out in the middle of nowhere if he tells me that yes, the GPS has plenty of batteries. Not like that other time when we were stuck out in the middle of Wollemi NP after dark with our bikes and the batteries went flat.......

As you can see from the blue line, we did a BIG climb up onto the spur but after that is it gently undulating and brain crunchingly beautiful. The walk took us about 6 hours including stops and a picnic lunch looking out into the brindabella valley. Total 800 meters of climbing all up. There would have been more photos except those batteries went flat after 2 shots. The forest is recovering really well after the 2003 fires (finally). I love it up there.
Luckily we got home intime to meet Mr BVVF to take ownership of some more yummy Berkshire bacon and ham. hmmmmmmm.

Friday, April 2, 2010

wild apples

Traveling back from Condobolin I came across some perfect wild apples near Binalong and another lot near the back road to Wee Jasper. Honestly nothing gives me greater joy!

The Binalong ones have a bit of an acid bite so off they go into a vat of cyser. This one I'm calling "Binalong Coddling Moth Cyser" which is a bit unfair as really there was only ONE apple in the whole lot that looked like it might have some coddling moth damage.

But the back road to Yass ones - WELL, they look like gravestines, and are just lovely. Sweet with no bite. Not sure where these will end up. In our tummies, or bottles or in the cyser after all.

In other news, how cool is this Turkish turban pumpkin?
And in other other news, a box of pomegranate trees (wonderful), kiwi vines (Kramer) and some Passion fruit vines arrived safely from the dear folks at sunraysia this week. yipp!

That is all.