Friday, April 2, 2010

wild apples

Traveling back from Condobolin I came across some perfect wild apples near Binalong and another lot near the back road to Wee Jasper. Honestly nothing gives me greater joy!

The Binalong ones have a bit of an acid bite so off they go into a vat of cyser. This one I'm calling "Binalong Coddling Moth Cyser" which is a bit unfair as really there was only ONE apple in the whole lot that looked like it might have some coddling moth damage.

But the back road to Yass ones - WELL, they look like gravestines, and are just lovely. Sweet with no bite. Not sure where these will end up. In our tummies, or bottles or in the cyser after all.

In other news, how cool is this Turkish turban pumpkin?
And in other other news, a box of pomegranate trees (wonderful), kiwi vines (Kramer) and some Passion fruit vines arrived safely from the dear folks at sunraysia this week. yipp!

That is all.


LS said...

Love that feral fruit! Sadly our favourite apple tree beside the railway line didn't fruit at all this year. We had a lot of tasty (huge) apples from it last year though. Kept us in stewed apples all winter.

That is a spectacular pumpkin!

sherdie said...

That pumpkin is incredible!

jonesy said...

Yes, I like the pumpkin as well, you with your apples and Gav with his figs remind me of this movie everyone should do it.

Tricia said...

I miss roadside apples! Since moving to my current home a few years ago i havn't seen any?!

Great find.

Jacqui said...

mm love apples - they're my favourite fruit. Love the idea of roadside wild trees even better! Have fun deciding what to make x Can't believe you're getting more trees! Where will they go? And how are the bees? And the ducklings??