Friday, June 25, 2010

duckherder inc

The girls, having a sunny dust bath, in celebration of the new red chook PM. They think Julia is GREAT.

It's been a quieter week this one. My BIG project finishes at the end of the year, and folks are starting to approach me about little projects and smaller pieces of consulting work. I spoke to my accountant on Wednesday about setting up as either a sole trader or company. There are pros and cons for both. By the time I got home he had emailed me with my new ABN and I must say it seems a fine number from an aesthetics perspective.

Anyway, I think sole tradering might be the way to go while I test out this new unhinged unattached flapping in the breeze thing. I must admit I am LOVING this working from home thing and after 3 years suspect I am now ruined and incapable of working in an office with humans and set hours.

It is winter and I get to see the duckies and chookies during the day instead of letting them out at dawn and only seeing them after they have gone to bed.

I love being able to work in my jammies, and to take off in the middle of the day for a run or a ride or a jog down to the community garden to pick rocket and parsley for a salad.

I like being able to have a proper lunch. I like being able to do the washing while being on the phone.

Bring it on I say.


Von said...

Can't beat it!

Jacqui said...

Ah Ducks! Welcome to my world!! My last project spoiled me too - I've realised that I'm good at working with lots of different people, I like setting the direction of what I'm working on (in consultation of course!) and having the responsibility of managing a budget and a team. Yep, my days in an office are numbered - I tested it out briefly for a few weeks then threw the towel in - now I'm working from home again, enjoying all the things you mention ('cept haven't had a jog for a long while!). Still, I"m looking forward to the next project I can get inspired by. Go for it I say - you have a particular skill set and experience that is only going to get higher in demand AND you love what you do! Even better!! I was trying to find your project blog again the other day but have lost the link. Anyway, good luck with it!!x Love seeing the duckies and the chooks x

Anonymous said...

Go you good thing! I aspire to working from home and it gives me great hope to see people do it successfully. Which you do, and will continue to do.
Yay Prime Redhead!

The Duck Herder said...

Thanks my bloggy friends. Seems like the internets says "yes" to a life of slothful freedom.......

Von I think you might be right!

Jacqui for some reason it makes me very happy to know you are up there in the mountains tapping away at your lap top during the day!

And Sherdie, well, if you don;t go to work and save the planet and right injustice everywhere....who will? And I can see you 000000000000000000000
oops, all those "0"'s are because chu chu sat on the keyboard........(occupational hazard of working from home, cats keep trying to help) tapping away from home, gardening while you talk high powered teleconferences with your headset......etc.etc.

Geoff said...

Hi Duckie,

Thanks for your comments, it's always great to know that others are going through similar states of indecision, even better to find that you've come to the same conclusion!

Best of luck working from home, been at it for about 10 years and I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be able to work any other way now. The hardest part has been not working too much ;-)