Friday, March 12, 2010

nice weather for ducks

I have been so SICK. Some sort of flu. Sound like I am coughing up a lung. eewwwwk.
I have taken the WHOLE week off work.

Its been a bit of an emotional roller coaster. I went to the damaged vehicle auction with the idea of buying the honey truck back and repairing her. She went for $100 above the limit I set myself and now I have the opposite of buyers remorse. On the one hand she is just a truck but on the other hand, I LOVED that truck. It seemed so weird that she would be stolen from the front yard when I was just about to buy her - especially when she is one of about 30 cars parked in the street. What is the message in this....was it just not meant to be? Was it a sign to let her go or to demand her back from the universe? In the end I chose to let her go.......... I want to TRUST that I am beloved child of the universe but I am finding it hard to identify the learning in this one - the story of the honey truck.

I am struggling to understand this whole human being thing. There is good reason to prefer the company of ducks and chickens.

As well as the honey truck being stolen and written off, some nice person/people decided to put a rock though the back window of my work car. They didn't steal anything - the rock was still sitting on the cargo cover in the morning and all my work gear was intact. mindless.

And then, someone broke into the community garden and vandalised everything (again)

What does it all mean. I am wondering why the universe is being a bit mean, if Bruce has taken his eye off me for a moment......or if these are just random things in a random universe (which I don't believe), or if I am missing something.


At least the ducks are happy with this rain thing. If you click on the photo you can see the rain drops on their feathers. lovely.


Anonymous said...

Sigh. That is a really nasty run of bad luck. Hope you get over your flu soon. It's no fun being sick.

What is it with people and vandalising other people's stuff? A total lack of empathy which is quite scary.

Geoff said...

Perhaps something is wrong with the universal machinery at the moment? Been in a similar state with vehicles lately and trying (in vain) to figure out what it all means :-)

Katherine Jenkins said...

Hope you are back on track soon..yes the universe sometimes tests us I think. Whether things are going fantastically or they are going terribly, stepping back and giving everything some space or just witnessing it is something I find helpful. Peace to you, Kathy

PS-Your life raising ducks, honey and wine looks so lovely!

Garden Pheenix said...

I find when I am sick it all gets deep. I wish it didn't and I could just get sick and be mindless but yeah... all the deep stuff rises. Probably because we have time. Sorry about your truck. I don't quite understand how your own truck was stolen and then auctioned... but I am sorry you lost it. Feel better soon poppet... *Hugs*

The Duck Herder said...

Awwwww shucks bloggy friends. Thanks so much for your warm fuzzies. Katherine you are right, I just need to meditate and "give everything some space". I like that. Namaste.

I am feeling better about the honey truck thang - Garden Pheenix, I know it sounds complicated! My dear friend loaned me his truck for about 4 months with the intention of me buying it. Just as we got it together to do the paper work and for me to pay him, it was stolen and when it didnt turn up, his insurance company paid him out which meant the insurance company owned the truck when it turned up, so off it went to the damaged vehicle auctions with all the other damaged cars. long story!

thanks again folks, I am feeling very hugged in a blogosphere kind of way. xxx

lisa said...

I sure hope you feel better..Sorry about the truck..sometimes things are not meant to be.. don't understand it all the time..I enjoy reading your blog and all the things you are doing..I have learned alot...Have a wonderful day..Lisa

Em said...

Sorry to hear things aren't great at the moment. I have found sitting and watching the ducks and chookies makes all my troubles go away, at least for a little while. (How did I ever live without ducks?!?!)

Anonymous said...

Hope you are feeling better soon lovely one!
And boo to all the other stuff too. Maybe the universe sometimes gets sick too and it all goes a bit gooey?

Jacqui said...

Poor Duckie :( :( I'm sorry you've been so sick. Hopefully that is it for you and you will be fighting fit the rest of the year. Hmm. I'm with you on the company of ducks/chickens. It's a bit depressing eh? I blame John Howard for all things inexplicable and nasty. I have a good 11 years to go before I think it is excessive (using a similar philosophy to the one that says it takes you as long to get over a relationship as the time you were in it). Does that help? Hope you are feeling MUCH better this week. xx me and the girls

WeekendFarmer said...

Oh Duckie...I am puzzled with all that happened to you! Sometimes...the universe doesn't make sense..but it is a test to see our patience and in the long run things work out. Also, what goes around, comes around..people who trespass against you, will reap what they planted. I hope you feel better soon and get out of this chain of bad events...God brings you to this, He shall take you out of it as well.