Tuesday, December 1, 2009

that feeling

you know that feeling? when you finally get that big report in. And its on time? And its not even that bad.

good even.

Kinda euphoric and light and dangling in the breeze.

And you know that other feeling. When on Monday morning you find out you have not only sent your annual report and financial statements to you funding body, but somehow have managed to send it to every GIS user in NSW DECCW by accident.

I have that feeling too!

In other news, this morning I am enjoying freshly made almond milk in my tea and it is quite lovely. recipe is here.


sherdie said...


I have had that sort of feeling before...

WeekendFarmer said...

: )

Jacqui said...

I was just luxuriating in that shared feeling of getting the report in (though mine was a day late) then I read the next bit.


But since it was a good report, maybe see it as a community service by providing all the other agencies with a model of how it should be done?


Having accidently sent an email to 'all staff' instead of the academic who sponsored our project I do relate! Now I always leave the address to last :)

Hope you're week got better.

PS Any idea about the bug attacking our almond tree?

The Duck Herder said...

glad we all undertand! MInd you, the GIS users have been very constructive and gracious with their feedback on my report!

jacqui I know exactly what is attacking your almond tree! It is the same little bug that is attacking my flat peaches!!!!! Every one of them! But in mine the gumy stuff is oozing out of the base of the peaches....just a bit - enough to let me know that things may not be as I wish when I go to open them up and eat them in a few months! I was waiting to see what clever person solved the problem on your blog..... :-)

Killi said...

That you for that. I tried making hemp milk, but it didn't work in coffee & my 2nd attempt at it resulted in something so disgusting only the hens would touch it. Another very good reason to set up a hazel coppice...