Saturday, June 27, 2009


Hello there folks. Sbinawhile.

I wish the camera was working so I could show off my newly cleaned out tidied up glasshouse. Technically, I think the problem is that the rechargeable batteries have decided they don't do that anymore.

I have lots of onion seedling coming up.

I have set up a heated propagation shelf in the bike room / cat room / my office which is a bit exciting. I am in the market for a couple of old fashioned second hand long fluorescent light fittings to suspend over the seed trays with adjustable chains. I have taken LOTS of inspiration from Gardendesk with the extra added benefit of a heat mat with a thermostat. Initially designed for heating lizard and snake enclosures, it was less than HALF the price of the purpose built heated seed propagation trays. So this is making me very happy.

The baby avocado tree SURVIVED the minus 6 frost the other week albeit with a fair bit of damage to about half of his leaves. Nice work Mr Bacon.
I am enjoying this seed saving book heaps atm. It even has ideal germination temperatures for each veggie. This is most helpful when one has a thermostatically controlled seed germination setup.

Eileen lent me her food dehydrator, which is humming along dehydrating kiwi fruit, oranges and lemons. Imagine this..........dried sliced oranges..........ground up into power...........and put into cake mixes, muffins and deserts.

Thats what I thought.

In other news, the big garden is going well. We are harvesting leeks, beetroot, lettuces, English Spinach, silver beet and kale. The garlic is going gangbusters. The cabbages are getting there.

I have planted lots of dun peas for green mulch and peas. Have also included lupins and woolly pod vetch. BTW, if you plan to put in field or dun peas, make sure you buy them from a produce store for $1.60 per kg rather than certain online or mail order seed shops which sell them for $10 a KG. I kid you not! I had a giggle after I noticed the mail order price.

Sorry there is no photographic evidence.


Cheryl said...

Oh my goodness, the dried oranges thing made my mouth water. Yummm!!

The Duck Herder said...

I know! They turned out really well too. Kind of like SUPER power orange powder. Can't wait to make a cake. I really like this little food dehydrator....I wonder how long I can hang onto it for!