Saturday, August 9, 2008

bin a while

I have a confession to make. I have been blogging on ANOTHER site!

It's for a good cause - it's me job 'n all. I decided that having a project blog would be much more interactive than a boring old website. Plus - I would have to pay someone to maintain the website, and I would rather spend the $$ on the project.

Anyhoo, work is quite busy at the moment, which also explains my absence a bit. Wonderful, exciting, scary and busy.

In other news, I must say this farm hunting business finds us traveling in all sorts of country and terrain. Here is some action snow storm shots from up behind the Tinderry's. Mr Duck Herder and I had a lovely day, and met some lovely people, and saw some very cute farms. Living at 1100 meters however, might be a bit beyond (above?) us.

Beautiful. cold. but beautiful.


Killi said...

I like your other blog & what you've been up to there, but please don't abandon us here

The Duck Herder said...

killi you are so lovely!

Killi said...

No, I'm selfish ~ I love reading your posts.

Somebody felt sorry for my lone goosey, so turned up & put a gander & 2 more gooseys into my shed! Now I have 3 Embdens & 1 African x (I think) to go with my 9 Khakis & 1 Aylesbury Ducks AND my very rare Ozzy Groundswell Duckie

The Duck Herder said...


What a lovely surprise - 3 new geese! How wonderful to have the room for such a big flock.

I love my khaki campbel ducks - they are so funny and sweet and bossy - and NOISY!