Wednesday, November 28, 2007

happy me

I have been declared an 8 Happy Thoughts meme victim by the all new improved re-plumbed retrofitted bare bones gardener.

Rules are as follows:When tagged, you must link to the person who tagged you. Then post these rules before your list, and list 8 happy things about yourself. At the end of your list, you must tag and link 8 other people.

Well, here goes: Instead of boring you with 8 written things, I am going to show you 8 happy things about me........

1) This is the path up to my little veggie garden, chooks, ducks and glass house. It can be a bit of a hazard night due to the chickens penchant for digging huge dust baths in the middle of the path - very permaculture (multiple uses) - and this makes me happy!

2) And this is what you see when you get up the path! A wild, messy tangle of veggies rubbing shoulders - rhubarb, scarlet runner beans, parsley, raspberries, tomatoes, more parsley, spinach, cucumber, potatoes.............

3) and just on your right, here is something that makes me very happy indeed - luscious youngberries!

4) Experiments with Organic Semi-Bio dynamic Hydroponics. This mostly makes me happy - sometimes it makes me sad - especially when my tomatoes grow too fast and leggy.


5) Baby Seedlings

6) A constant supply of salad greens

7) my deadly organic earwig trap (the little jar of oil and water)

.......all these things are VERY happy making.......

8) Pine Nuts. (pinus pinea) Will you all buy Australian Grown, organic pine nuts from the duck herder one day?

well, that's 8. Now, because I am wayward, there will be no meme victims from me. I hope that's OK BBG!

But thank you for coming on a tour of my garden........

Oh, and it is RAINING. RAIN makes me happy!

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sherd said...

rain makes me happy too!